Hi ! I just got my ring in 2/12/2010 and I was so happy when it came in .I was so shocked when I opened the box, so many people did not think it was a very good idea to buy on internet. When I got it I was so happy it is nothing like I thought !! It DANCES like no ones business , I held up a dinner ring witch I paid around the same amount and my dinner ring is now going to be a gift to a friend . The diamonds on my new ring made my ring UGLY, I am so pleased that I went for it and I will be getting me a new dinner ring . I bought the Princes Bridal Ring @3.85 total carat and I’m loving it . I am all so pleased with the way they handled my ring and how they were all ways very kind when I would call at least 5 times in a day on how things are going .New York had bad weather while they were processing my order Fed Ex closed down for a day. Thanks Prime Style so much you have me as a keeper for life !!!!!

Misty Ramos