0.60CT Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

N. Benali was ready to pop the question and didn’t want to purchase just any ordinary ring. He wanted something perfect to his liking and knowing his future fiance’s taste he found the perfect item for her. A beautiful round cut diamond engagement ring. Thanks for sharing this precious moment and congratulations from the PrimeStyle team!



another wedding band from a happy customer

Sometimes simple is best, and with this Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band in 18KT White Gold it’s to say the least that Anthony S. sure surprised his fiance with this item. Thanks for sharing, the PrimeStyle team congratulates you!!



Lars H. Beautiful Engagement Ring – WOW!

When you think of getting engaged, you know you want to make it special for that special girl. I mean after all it’s forever your talking about so of course it has to be perfect. Well Lars H. did just that for his fiance with this gorgeous item for his honey. Congratulations on your engagement, from the PrimeStyle Team!


Cheryl R. Beautiful engagement ring!


Online shopping for jewelry is intimidating thought Cheryl R. but when she saw our carefully selected items she immediately fell in love with this particular ring. Nervous at first but once she received her ring it was love at first sight. Thanks for sharing Cheryl from the PrimeStyle Team!

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D. Ryan found the perfect item online and just had to have it, it was everything she had hoped it would be! Thanks for sharing your story and this gorgeous picture!



Browsing and browsing for an anniversary present for his beloved wife A. Walker found this beautiful eternity ring and thought it was perfect for her. Not only is the style unique, but it just shines exactly how it shows in the photograph. My wife absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing !

1.50CT of Princess and Round cut Eternity Ring – Review | 05-10-2014



How can you express your eternal love to someone? What better way then with one of our many selections of eternity rings. Peter W. purchased this beautiful and complex design for his honey to express his love for her on there special day. With beautiful Round and Princess Cut Diamonds of a 1.50 CT. Beyond ecstatic with the new ring they had to flaunt it, thanks for sharing Peter!

Beautiful 0.50CT Wedding Band in White Gold – Review | 05-06-2014

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Mr.Meeks wanted the perfect ring to tie the knot with Mrs.Meeks. He added a beautiful wedding band to match with his fiance’s engagement ring. Shared the photo with us to show how beautifully it matched! The PrimeStyle team congratulates you Mr.Meeks.

A picture that Mr. Kim have sent us after receiving his primestyle order



Mr. Kim was browsing online for a ring, but not just any ring something that would really “wow” him. And luckily he found that on PrimeStyle.com. Once he found the 1.50 CT Emerald Cut Diamonds Wedding Band he said “I can’t wait to see it!” Beyond satisfied with his ring he took a picture and shared with the Prime Style team. Thanks for sharing Mr. Kim!

J. Murrey Gorgeous bridal set review



J. Murrey wanted to surprise his wife with an anniversary present with one of our beautiful bridal set selections. And chose a brilliant 1.25 CT round Diamond bridal set, which was a magnificent choice. Thanks for sharing from the Prime Style team.

PrimeStyle Customer Picture and Review | 05-09-2014

“Here’s a few snaps of pictures from an engagement ring I bought from this company. At first I got the wrong size, so I replaced it, after I received the replacement I definitely love the elegance style and the price of it, but most important was the judgment day, when I proposed to my girlfriend(then),now, fiancée. She definitely adored it, and of course, I got the big ” YES”. And that’s what matter most. ”


Primestyle.com Customer Review || 2014-05-06

Product: wedding set, yellow gold 14, with single diamond (item 79984).

My brother recently got married to his long-time partner. Because they have just come through a really bad year for his partner health-wise and had a lot of medical expenses, I offered to buy the rings. I was just happy to see them finally able to marry after being together for over 25 years.

The bands they decided on are simple, with a single stone set in yellow gold and look so lovely on. Their wedding was really mellow and low-key because that’s how they are and I think these rings match their personalities.

No problems with ordering. I do look for Better Business Bureau accreditation when I do business where it involves a lot of money and they are. I don’t buy much jewellery but if I do again in the future I won’t hesitate to order from Primestyle.

2014-04-30 || PrimeStyle New Review

“PRIMESTYLE your chat window needs to stop moving across the screen!!!!! Ok, other than that my experience with them was good. I saved a serious load of cash by shopping around thankfully I decided that the store I was gonna buy from (don’t wanna name and shame LOL) was a little too snotty to me because I ended up buying online and saved a couple hundred bucks. The place I was going to buy from first was really pressuring me to get a bigger diamond than I planned on and that talk got old. It’s like I was supposed to feel bad that I couldn’t afford a huge diamond for my girlfriends engagement ring. I am not rich and did not want to go into debt for this and start our marriage off all burdened. I already have my student loans to pay off I don’t need to look at her finger every day and think about what we could have bought with that money. I saw another dude in there though who was getting the total hard sell and I felt really bad for him because it didn’t look like he could afford to go crazy.

Anyway I got a cool looking ring that has the diamond set into it and a bunch of little diamonds lined up in the ring next to it on both sides like set into it so none of the diamonds are sticking out. It doesn’t even really look like an engagement ring and I think that’s what she likes. It looks totally modern and the wedding band will probably be similar kind of simple. The one I got her is white gold but I think they have it in platinum too but that was too much for my budget. It’s supposed to last longer or be tougher or something but the one I got her seems like it will last a long time anyway so not sure what the point is.

The main diamond is a little over half a carrot but it looks bigger. They guy at primestle said it was important to get the size right on this kind of ring but since we’d shopped around already I knew what size she was and that turned out to not be a problem in any way. The ring fit perfect.

What else…I had to pay in a couple of payments but that was all smooth. the delivery was ok and the ring came on time. I think we’re gonna buy our wedding rings from them too so yes I would recommend this company.