Month: June 2014

0.60CT Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

N. Benali was ready to pop the question and didn’t want to purchase just any ordinary ring. He wanted something perfect to his liking and knowing his future fiance’s taste he found the perfect item for her. A beautiful round cut diamond engagement ring. Thanks for sharing this precious moment and congratulations from the PrimeStyle team!



another wedding band from a happy customer

Sometimes simple is best, and with this Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band in 18KT White Gold it’s to say the least that Anthony S. sure surprised his fiance with this item. Thanks for sharing, the PrimeStyle team congratulates you!!



Lars H. Beautiful Engagement Ring – WOW!

When you think of getting engaged, you know you want to make it special for that special girl. I mean after all it’s forever your talking about so of course it has to be perfect. Well Lars H. did just that for his fiance with this gorgeous item for his honey. Congratulations on your engagement, from the PrimeStyle Team!


Cheryl R. Beautiful engagement ring!


Online shopping for jewelry is intimidating thought Cheryl R. but when she saw our carefully selected items she immediately fell in love with this particular ring. Nervous at first but once she received her ring it was love at first sight. Thanks for sharing Cheryl from the PrimeStyle Team!

2 New Actual Customer Item Images

photo (6)

D. Ryan found the perfect item online and just had to have it, it was everything she had hoped it would be! Thanks for sharing your story and this gorgeous picture!



Browsing and browsing for an anniversary present for his beloved wife A. Walker found this beautiful eternity ring and thought it was perfect for her. Not only is the style unique, but it just shines exactly how it shows in the photograph. My wife absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing !