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Mr. Kim was browsing online for a ring, but not just any ring something that would really “wow” him. And luckily he found that on Once he found the 1.50 CT Emerald Cut Diamonds Wedding Band he said “I can’t wait to see it!” Beyond satisfied with his ring he took a picture and shared with the Prime Style team. Thanks for sharing Mr. Kim! Customer Review || 2014-05-06

Product: wedding set, yellow gold 14, with single diamond (item 79984).

My brother recently got married to his long-time partner. Because they have just come through a really bad year for his partner health-wise and had a lot of medical expenses, I offered to buy the rings. I was just happy to see them finally able to marry after being together for over 25 years.

The bands they decided on are simple, with a single stone set in yellow gold and look so lovely on. Their wedding was really mellow and low-key because that’s how they are and I think these rings match their personalities.

No problems with ordering. I do look for Better Business Bureau accreditation when I do business where it involves a lot of money and they are. I don’t buy much jewellery but if I do again in the future I won’t hesitate to order from Primestyle.

2014-04-30 || PrimeStyle New Review

“PRIMESTYLE your chat window needs to stop moving across the screen!!!!! Ok, other than that my experience with them was good. I saved a serious load of cash by shopping around thankfully I decided that the store I was gonna buy from (don’t wanna name and shame LOL) was a little too snotty to me because I ended up buying online and saved a couple hundred bucks. The place I was going to buy from first was really pressuring me to get a bigger diamond than I planned on and that talk got old. It’s like I was supposed to feel bad that I couldn’t afford a huge diamond for my girlfriends engagement ring. I am not rich and did not want to go into debt for this and start our marriage off all burdened. I already have my student loans to pay off I don’t need to look at her finger every day and think about what we could have bought with that money. I saw another dude in there though who was getting the total hard sell and I felt really bad for him because it didn’t look like he could afford to go crazy.

Anyway I got a cool looking ring that has the diamond set into it and a bunch of little diamonds lined up in the ring next to it on both sides like set into it so none of the diamonds are sticking out. It doesn’t even really look like an engagement ring and I think that’s what she likes. It looks totally modern and the wedding band will probably be similar kind of simple. The one I got her is white gold but I think they have it in platinum too but that was too much for my budget. It’s supposed to last longer or be tougher or something but the one I got her seems like it will last a long time anyway so not sure what the point is.

The main diamond is a little over half a carrot but it looks bigger. They guy at primestle said it was important to get the size right on this kind of ring but since we’d shopped around already I knew what size she was and that turned out to not be a problem in any way. The ring fit perfect.

What else…I had to pay in a couple of payments but that was all smooth. the delivery was ok and the ring came on time. I think we’re gonna buy our wedding rings from them too so yes I would recommend this company.

2014-04-04 || PrimeStyle Reviews

“I am not sure about the best way to do this, as this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a website on one of these review sites, and I am not sure of the best practices, but here goes nothing. This is my review of Primestyle.

1. Customer service. On the whole, a good experience, although I had trouble with the gentleman’s accent a little because I am not really used to speaking with people from New York, but once I got used to it I was fine. I contacted them through both email and over the telephone before placing my order and during an issue I had with delivery – they were helpful through both. 5/5

2. Delivery options. They only had one delivery option, and I had trouble with the tracking system which managed to lose my order for several days. In the end it turned up only 2 days later than anticipated, but as I live out in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky, I am used to this sort of thing so I can’t completely blame them, but they still lose a point. 4/5

3. Ordering system. Very nice, easy to use interface that clearly shows the product you are ordering, the cost and exact description. I have had trouble using other websites before because ether are so cluttered, but this one was a breeze. No complaints at all. 5/5

4. Product quality. I am not exactly a diamond expert, but I think perhaps the quality is a point off of what is described in the product pages, but I could be wrong as I hardly ever buy diamonds. The main thing is my mother is happy with the quality and that is most important. Still another point lost I think, because it is hard to tell quality as accurately as they claim – IMHO that is. 4/5

5. Overall experience. Very satisfied overall, although I cannot give them a full 5 out of 5 for the reasons stated. Perhaps the most important thing from my perspective is the fact that the customer service was so good which actually makes up for the other issues. I don’t know if they had no other options when delivering out here, maybe that is the case? Still – they came very close to full marks and I give them 4.5/5

I must say I have actually enjoyed doing this review and I will start doing so for more sites in the future. Thanks for listening.

2011-10-05 | Prime Style

The best online purchase I have ever made! I was so impressed with their high quality of product I had to keep ordering from them. Their prices are just too good. Great customer service and ships really quick considering they make everything. I would recommend choosing stones from the G-H color grade. Thanks so much Primestyle. Can’t wait to receive the bracelet I just ordered!

Amanda Morgan

2011-10-04 | Prime style reviews

I was really satisfied with Primestyle. Their customer service representatives were very nice and extremely helpful in getting me exactly what I wanted. Like advertised I received my items within 5 days but I’m guessing it is a little longer if shipping internationally. Their prices are really good, I compared to other websites and stores and no one could even match me the price. I will be coming to Primestyle for all my future jewelry purchases.

Marva Jack

2011-09-22 | PrimeStyle.Com

First off I want to say I am impressed. All the way from the beginning from helping me pick out my perfect Bridal Set to receiving my beautiful rings. Everything went so smooth and appreciate you making my wedding day that much more special! We look forward to doing business with you in the future. You really are a great site with kind customer service employees and great products! Thanks Again!

Leslie Whitfield

2011-10-11 | PrimeStyle Reviews

I purchased this ring as a mother’s day gift for my mom, and she absolutely loves it. The photo simply doesn’t convey the brilliance of the diamonds, as they are spectacular. In fact, I was so pleased with the quality; I had to find one for myself. If you’re looking for a stunning, heirloom quality ring, don’t let this one pass you by. Go directly to

Lydia Thomas

2011-10-05 | Prime Style Reviews is the best. I had a bracelet that I broke the clasp on after less than 5 months. But I had stupidly thought my warranty would let me fix it at any jewelry store. When I found out how much the local store was charging to fix the clasp I told my husband and he suggested we call Primestyle right away. My Husband and I called Primestyle to speak with someone in Customer Service. They were very helpful and determined to help us get the item back to them so they could fix it for us. It was cheaper for us to Fedex the items back to Primestyle and back than to deal with our local jewelry store. Thank you primestyle, my beautiful bracelet is back on my arm.

Elyse Baker

2011-09-28 | PrimeStyle.Com

Low prices, good quality and customer service are always nice and friendly. That’s why I decided to choose I thought when I saw the prices that it was too good to be true. You can try them yourselves though. Go to Primestyle one time, and after that I am sure you will agree with me. I have shopped at Primestyle for years and have always found that they have the best selection of men’s and women’s jewelry. They size to fit, and delivery was quick and safe.

Leona Drake

2011-09-08 | PrimeStyle.Com Customer Reviews

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Great customer service. Speedy delivery. Impressive for a factory that has to make my item from scratch. My wife has been getting some many compliments. I can not thank you enough for making her happy. Looking forward to doing business with you again.

James Culler

2011-09-07 | PrimeStyle.Com

Unbelievable what I received. I am so happy I decided to order from Best decision of my life. I am looking forward to making my purchase. I have been getting some many compliments. People are really impressed and so was my local jeweler. He could not believe the price I paid. So amazing! Thank you Primestyle!

Mary Dunlap

2011-09-06 | PrimeStyle Reviews

Just received my rings are they are so beautiful! I am so happy with what we received and the price we paid for it! We are an extremely happy couple now thanks to and will continue to keep coming back for more and more. Highly recommend this great website!

Mildred Tsao

2011-09-06 | Prime Style Review

My now fiancé first purchased an engagement ring from Macys but the diamond came loose and I lost it. I then went looking online at Primestyle and then picked out this beautiful 3/4 carat ring. When I saw it, was love at first sight. I didn’t think I could love any other ring but my first one until I saw this one. The only thing about this ring is it is kind of high, but I eventually got use to it and I don’t bang it on things anymore. I could have sent it back for a lower head but didn’t want to part with it. Thanks Primestyle.

Lolita Schubert

2011-09-06 | PrimeStyle.Com

I have been looking at the ring on the Primestyle website for some time now. It was beautiful! I have read all the reviews before ordering it and they are right about its brilliance, it shines beautifully! It has a shallow cut, for those who don’t know about diamond cuts. This means that the diamond is cut to make the appearance of the face of the diamond look like a bigger carat weight than it actually is. This is great for people who want the look of a larger diamond but may not be able to afford it. It also is not bad at the regular asking price, although a similar one it can be found in the clearance section..

Kim Ickes

2011-09-06 | PrimeStyle Reviews

My now husband and I had looked at LOTS of engagement rings but couldn’t both agree on one we liked. This particular ring we both loved. It is so classic and beautiful. I have the 3/4 ct. and it looks perfect. Though the setting is high, I have not had any issues with it. I have banged it into things and occasionally caught it on something but the prongs have stayed strong. I paired it with a 1/3 ct. diamond wedding band and couldn’t ask for a prettier set. Thank you Primestyle, I look forward to ordering in the future.

Christine Ogawa

12/6/2011 | Prime Style Reviews

Wonderful ring, outstanding quality!! Will definitely purchase again! made the whole process worthwhile and pleasurable – my wife couldn’t be happier!

Bob mcdonough

11/28/2011 | PrimeStyle.Com

I recently purchased an engagement ring from your wide selection and was very impressed with style, cut, & design of the emerald cut diamonds along with the princess cut’s on either side of the band. The decision to purchase from Primestyle came very easy as the past 2 other purchases were made easy and the products were received exactly as depicted. I am very impressed with the customer quick customer service and the follow up received afterwards. I know have my eye on a emerald & diamond eternity ring which I might purchase for next Christmas or sooner! I would not hesitate to recommend primestyle jewelry because of their fantastic selection, product and customer service. thanks again for making my decision that much easier and my girlfriend very happy and her friends envious!! best regards,

Perry Tiboni

11/19/2011 | PrimeStyle

Even after picking out the bridal set online, when I received it, it looked even better than the pictures. I am very happy with the rings, and my fiance loves them. Thank you.

Stephen Bohn